Instant Payday Network by Jeff Buchanan reviewed


Many of us have heard about making money online . Some have tried their luck and may or may not have succeeded . What is guaranteed is that they’ve wasted a lot of their OWN money investing in products they “hoped” would work for them .

Now , I’ve been one of those unfortunately . I paid hundreds to some of the so-called gurus and got nowhere!

I bought product after product , I learnt the hard way . Then one day I’ve been watching YouTube and I stumbled across a YouTube clip and never looked back .

Instant Payday Network by Jeff Buchanan . It is very easy to do and you can get yourself setup in less than an hour.You don’t have to be a “genius” , anyone can do it.

What you DON’T have to do :


  •  Sell products
  •  Pay for anything ( including your site,training,support .. All Free )




Instant Payday Network by Jeff Buchanan reviewed



What this opportunity is, working along side major fortune 500 companies is to introduce people to try their products and services for a trial basis in hope that they gain more customers. Simply referring someone to a particular company they pay you a $20 commission. That’s it. Simple. And THEN once that referral goes through you make another $30 as the person you referred signs up with another Free trial  .  20 + 30 = $50 per referral .Simple . Nothing to buy here , just refer  people to try out free stuff and get paid  .

Don’t  wait any longer and make Money Online Here.


I’ve started less than a week a go and to prove it , Here are my stats :



My stats for the last 7 days trying out this program


And here is another capture from inside the members area with sales board.

Instant Payday Network Panel - Monthly referral board.

Instant Payday Network Panel – Monthly referral board.


Imagine referring say as little as 5 people every week, That’s $20+$30 x 5 = $250 Every Week . If you try a little harder you could earn much much more . Now i’m not saying that this opportunity will make you a millionaire, No my friend . BUT what you will get is a system that works , time and time gain .You will be given Full training and assigned a sponsor . Someone who is there to help you if you are stuck. So if  you need cash quickly there’s never been an easier way to make $100 a day.






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